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From June to November, 3 days journey.

Located in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula (Asturias, Cantabria and Castilla y León), Picos de Europa is the first National Park declared in Spain, in 1918.
Picos de Europa is composed of three calcareous massifs that represent the best of the Cantabrian mountain range. Beautiful landscapes, alpine wild life, magical forests, traditional culture and delicious cuisine are waiting for you in one of the best natural destinations in Spain.
For this activity, good physical condition is recommended.

The realization of this activity is subject to modifications due to meteorological reasons and availability of accommodation.


• € 270 / person (Minimun 2 persons)

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Day 1:

17: 00-19: 00 Reception in Santa Marina de Valdeón, León
20:00 Introduction to the Picos de Europa National Park, explanation of the routes.
20:30 Traditional dinner at La Squirrel Real.
23:00 Break

Day 2:

8:00 Breakfast
8:50 Taxi to Cordiñares
9:00 Start of the route, Cordiñares-Collado Jermoso *
13:30 Picnic
18:00 Arrival at Collado Jermoso and accommodation in refuge
20:30 Dinner
22:30 Break

Day 3:

8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Start of the Collado Jermoso-Remoña route **
13:00 Picnic in Vega de Liordes
17:00 Arrival in Remoña
17:30 Taxi to Santa Marina de Valdeón
18:30 End of trip

Price: € 270 per person (includes: guide and insurance services, accommodation, two breakfasts, two picnics and two dinners, and two taxi services)
Description of the routes: The routes will take place at a gentle pace with interpretive stops to know and enjoy the nature of Picos de Europa.
* From Cordiñanes to Collado Jermoso: 9 km, 340 m of negative height, 1100 meters of positive slope, moderate technical difficulty, and high physical difficulty.
** From Collado Jermoso to Remoña: 8 km, 790 m of negative slope, 520 m of positive elevation, low-moderate technical difficulty, moderate physical difficulty.


– Warm clothes (gloves, hat, fleece, mountain jacket, etc.)
– Trekking boots.
– Trekking sticks.
– Backpack.
– Canteen
– Photo camera (optional).
– Binoculars (optional).
– Sunscreen.
– Sunglasses.

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Requirements to participate in the activity safely and with maximum enjoyment:

• Good physical condition: Although the routes do not involve a great technical difficulty, some days must overcome large slopes, around 1200 m. The pace will be slow and many stops will be made so that we do not miss any detail of the exuberant nature of the Picos de Europa, but even so it is convenient to be in an acceptable physical form to be able to enjoy the experience. We must not forget that Picos is a medium as great as overwhelming, unfit for those who have vertigo or fear of height
• Know how to live with the right thing: During the days of the journey we will walk through one of the wildest and most authentic means we have left, spending the night in high mountain shelters, where services in general tend to be very few. The last two nights we will sleep in a Hotel, where surely we will value more than usual a good hot shower
• Material: It is recommended to carry a backpack only with the essentials, to have to carry the right and not carry more weight than necessary, but without forgetting the essential. It will be necessary mountain footwear and suitable trekking poles that can help us with the unevenness

A Picos we will enjoy, see, feel, live and surprise us with the most authentic nature of the high mountains. Its fascinating fauna and flora and its exciting landscapes will not leave us indifferent. And why not, to disconnect and forget about the world
If you want more information about the dates of the exits and conditions, send form.

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