Cantabria saw me being born …
In gratitude to her look I lived with her 44 of her springs, and here I remain rooted in a land full of green, water and life. Land that grows towards Asturias, Euskadi, Galicia … they change colors, climate, Vegetations and fauna thus forming all our Iberian Nature.
About me I will tell you, that I feel a great love towards flora and fauna since my memory began to compose memories, and thus I have championed this beautiful condition of naturalist throughout my life. firm and growing interest in learning and dissemination made this condition also become a profession.
And this is how I created this meeting point, with the hope that more and more we have this feeling and in order to serve to enrich us sharing knowledge, wills and experiences in our nature.
For the latter I have made sure of the human quality of the people who make them, safeguarding this way, not only the well-being of the environment, but also the gift that you carry in your memory, a beautiful experience and the seed that will someday be the outbreak of the perpetuity of all our species.
A kiss for all!
Aida Mier


Naturaleza Iberica