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Difficult decision to choose which birds you prefer to see, but a luxury to have the opportunity to approach them in their habitat through a beautiful route on foot and by the hand of an expert guide in ornithology.

All this is carried out with the utmost respect for the species and not being able to invade the space of birds in danger of extinction, such as the Cantabrian Capercaillie.

What birds do you want to see?

Spiders? raptors?, alpine birds? acuatic birds? Or maybe a combination of several? … tell us and we will design your customized route.



  • 30€/4 hours.
  • 50€/8 hours.
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The total duration of the service will be 4 hours (half day) or 8 hours (full day), according to demand. The birds will be observed with binoculars and / or telescope.

It is not allowed to use GPS during the tour to take the coordinates of the place.


The price does not include the possible contracting of additional means of transport (cable car, off-road vehicle, etc.). Special prices for groups of more than 4 people and for longer routes or more than one day.

Means available: Swarovski HD 20-60 telescope, binoculars and bird identification guides.

If you want more information about the dates of the exits and conditions, send form.


“As if it were a dream and adorning one of those sticks with its bright and unmistakable colors … my first sighting of Martín Pescador was born.
I wanted to selfishly watch him even closer with my old binoculars, I was not …
I needed a signal, something that would assure me that its beauty was not a mirage and in the form of a song it responded to my demand “

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